Now if you look at this table you'll notice immediately that: There are some perfectly acceptable, and even excellent schools present. From 15-20 through 100-120, picking a law school is genuinely challenging; hence all of the 'School X $$ vs School Y $$$$' posts. How to get into American and Canadian law schools. The information is copied word for word from LSAC's e-applications so that you don't have to wade through their website. Applying for law school is a challenging and often opaque process, that requires both the knowledge and the ability to honestly and correctly evaulate your own qualifications, the character of the schools to which you are considering applying, and the degree of compatibility between the two. To be eligible for Online Learning at Allard, you must have: A first law degree (J.D. Even though it's relatively new and the inputs are pretty meh, the employment outcomes are nowhere what you'd expect because of the freaking A&M network. There are 204 schools, so let's chop them into neat quartiles of 50, and round down: the top 154 schools will make the cut as being solid enough to not require careful consideration. Thank you! For the other 35,000 or so, the decision wasn't, 'do I go to one of the very best schools in the land' but 'which school do I go to, and why?'. Golden Gate might be expected to be expensive, as it is sited in San Francisco, but Vermont is within $1,000 of its cost and is in the middle of nowhere. The following is a list of applications to OSU Law School.Use it to compare your profile to others by checking on individual user names. Yes, I know: your cousin's best friend's neighbor's dog breeder's roommate's father-in-law thrice removed has an old Army buddy who went to GGU and makes $200k per year. One last note: even on the list of terrible '6' schools, these in particular are especially toxic: All have recently failed the Department of Education's mandatory graduate debt to earnings benchmarks, with average median earnings of just over $49,000 and average median debt of $143,000. The basic law school requirements that are shared across the majority of law schools are the completion of a four year degree program, a high undergraduate grade point average, an admission, a high score on the Law School Application test (also known as the LSAT), letters of recommendation, a resume, and the completion of the application packet to that … At the end of the day, you have to do what is best for you. For starters, there are a lot more ties. One of those "hot" outlines was going around. UChicago Law School Admissions Statement on Impact of COVID-19. OP's "this is math" comment seemed a bit arrogant because the chosen measuring factors are arbitrarily and subjectively applicable depending on student. In this sense, while 'take the highest ranked school' may seem like the easy solution - and it is certainly the solution most commonly found in advice threads here - it's not always necessarily the right solution. And even if you are one of the lucky minority who finds a job, you'll be at the absolute bottom of the pecking order, forever, and your pay will reflect that. The Admissions Committee reviews every application we receive. Press J to jump to the feed. There are many solo schools from small states/big square states with small populations and only 1 law school. I personally would hold out for something better, but if my life options weren't that flexible, I would go there before South Texas, Texas Southern, or Saint Mary's. Use the resources on this subreddit and on r/LSAT. There are a number of regional public schools and HBCUs. (LSAC, we love you, but please support tabs! Houston is a better school, but not $100k in debt better. You will rack up levels of debt that exceed those garnered by Harvard, Yale, and Columbia graduates, only to face employment prospects of less than 50%. 250-Word Essay. or LL.B. Some of them will be extremely intelligent, some of them will not be...and they may have achieved similar results in both GPA and LSAT anyway, because of the leveling effects caused by things like having to work 40-50 hours while going to school, etc. Average Law School GPA Requirements. When you compare that to their bar pass rate of 50%, it makes clear that you're chance of passing the bar as an entering student is close to 1/3. Many older law … But in theory that is set aside by the fact that the MIT student should get a 165+ in their sleep. Also, there are what one can only call predatory degree mills or failure factories hiding in amongst them. Attending the Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University goes beyond choosing one of the most prestigious and comprehensive legal educations in North America. Whether you have a 2.9 from MIT or a 3.9 from Fayetteville State, it's still going to be reported by LSAC as somewhere around a 2.9. Once I got that list, I ran the results through some pivot tables in Excel, to group them by the number of times each school appears in these categories - 6 means a school appeared in all of those categories, 5 in 5 of them, etc.

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