Cinebuzz Rewards. The distorted manner mass media communicate the news. Music fits in well with other film components. Movie 2014 7.1. Email. 0. Please log in again. She discloses information concerning Noriko and another co-worker, Miki Jono, who, according to her, is the prime suspect. A History of Violence (2005) คนประวัติเดือด. Being a fan of Asian cinema and especially of Chinese kung fu and Japanese samurai movies since I was a little kid, I cultivated that love during my adolescence, to extend to the whole of SE Asia. The Snow White Murder Case is a film directed by Yoshihiro Nakamura with Mao Inoue, Gou Ayano, Nanao, Misako Renbutsu, .... Year: 2014. Directed by Yoshihiro Nakamura. Film = four (4) stars; subtitles = 3.5 stars. 6 years ago | 664 views. Movies. Ichiko's recently divorced younger sister Fumiko has moved back home with her... See full summary ». The Snow White Murder Case (2014) ← Back to main. TRIAL AND CONVICTION BY SOCIAL MEDIA. When a senior employee, who is considered the most attractive among her colleagues, at a cosmetics manufacturer is murdered suspicion falls on her junior coworker whom many describe as plain and unremarkable. Noriko Miki Shihori Kanjiya. The second half discloses the actual story through Jono’s narration, without the aforementioned techniques, thus appearing as a regular story. Director Yoshihiro Nakamura utilizes a murder mystery plot device as a vehicle to explore troubling facets of modern Japanese society. Nevertheless, these are minor flaws and they do not ruin the overall competence of the film. This particular movie is based on the fourth novel of Kanae Minato that becomes adapted into a movie, after Confessions, A Chorus of Angels and Penance, making it obvious that the practice is a definite recipe for success. Following a good-bye party at work the junior employee is seen running towards the train station before she drops out of sight. However, only above-the-line names are translated in the credits. The film is much too long and padded with mostly irrelevant childhood experiences apparently to add depth to character development (and to further engage the viewer using cute child actors?). In conclusion, The Snow White Murder Case is a highly entertaining movie that will cause the audience contemplate, as they enjoy the splendid script and direction. Yuji Akahosi, who works at a TV station and has a blog writing critiques regarding restaurants, receives a phone call from a friend of his, Risako Karino, who was a co-worker of the victim. Story; Cast & Filmmakers; The body of young and beautiful Noriko is discovered deep in the woods, and news of her murder starts waves of rumours and gossip among her colleagues in this Japenese mystery. Events & Festivals. Watch The Snow White Murder Case Full Movie Overview: Beautiful Noriko Miki works at a cosmetic company. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? This FAQ is empty. Stăpânul inelelor: Întoarcerea regelui. In the beginning of 2017, I launched my own website, Asian Film Vault, which I merged in 2018 with Asian Movie Pulse, creating the most complete website about the Asian movie industry, as it deals with almost every country from East and South Asia, and definitely all genres. The Snow White Murder Case. This is because the film has a major social media component, … 6.2. Snow White Murder Case (Shiro Yuki Hime Satsujin Jiken) – 白ゆき姫殺人事件 [Movie Review] Posted on September 26, 2014 by Jed The Snow White Murder Case may appear to be a simple case of whodunit, spiced with the use of social media to condemn a suspected murderer and the ability (or lack thereof) of a TV broadcast news company to verify its source. Click aici pentru a te autentifica. Highly recommended. With Mao Inoue, Gô Ayano, Nanao, Misako Renbutsu. Written by 1 Comment. The login page will open in a new tab. The Snow White Murder Case on IMDb This article related to a Japanese film of the 2010s is a stub. ดูหนังในหมวดหมู่เดียวกัน. But the use of twitter feed as an additional ‘layer’ is not entirely without problems. Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. I quite enjoyed the presentation technique through interviews that appears similar to a documentary; however, the almost constant tweets appearing in the screen are tiring and confusing, especially considering that their translation also shows on screen, hiding the action and meddling with the other subtitles. The film is split in two halves; the first presents the alleged facts from the point of view of the interviewees and the second the actual story, in a straightforward way. Synopsis: A young woman who work at cosmetic company become a prime … Yoshihiro Nakamura splendidly directs this superb script, focusing not solely on the case in hand but also on a plethora of social subjects. Vesoul International Film Festival of Asian Cinemas, The Takashi Miike Project (101/105 complete), Film Review: Forbidden Door (2009) by Joko Anwar, Short Film Review: WiFi Rider (2020) by Roxy Rezvany, Film Review: To the Ends of the Earth (2019) by Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Short Film Review: Men Without Women Looking For BananaFish, Girl Without Cat Telling Her Story (2016) by Cheng Thim Kian, Film Review: Daimajin (1966) by Kimiyoshi Yasuda, Film Review: Young Thugs: Nostalgia (1998) by Takashi Miike. Gift Shop. The body of young and beautiful Noriko is discovered deep in the woods, and news of her murder starts waves of rumours and gossip among her colleagues in this Japenese mystery Add the first question. 74 Views. The only disadvantages of the script and the direction are that the case becomes a trifle exaggerated, particularly in the scene with the musician’s accident and that its duration is quite long, considering that a number of scenes are arduous and overtly lengthy. One day, Noriko is murdered. Viewed at CineMatsuri 2015. Just finished watching the movie The Snow White Murder Case (Shirayuki hime Satsujin Jiken), and what an awesome film it was! Synopsis. Title: The Snow White Murder Case (2014) Release Date: 29 Mar 2014 Genre: Crime,Drama,Mystery Qualities: HD Years: 2014 Country: Japan Cast: Gô Ayano,Mao Inoue,Misako Renbutsu,Nanao Rating: 7.1 Director: Yoshihiro Nakamura. One day, a young man named ... See full summary », What is the only thing that can stand in the way of a ruthless warlord after total domination of a country? Evidently though, this is a problem for the western audience. Find where to watch The Snow White Murder Case in New Zealand. 6. But what SWMC does differently is instead of trying to pinpoint who the suspect is, we already have one. A TV … HD. 2. The Snow White Murder Case Based on a novel by bestselling author Kanae Minato, the film dissects the odd goings-on behind the grim discovery of a corpse in the woods of a national park near Tokyo. The Snow White Murder Case is an engrossing, deftly delineated mystery story about what happens after soap company executive Noriko (Nanao) is found stabbed and burned to death. This is a clever , original, but also somewhat derivative photo play. ดูหนังออนไลน์ The Snow White Murder Case (2014) [พากย์ไทย] HD Thai . Parent or Guardian approval to enrol . in which I still continue to contribute. People begin to suspect her co-worker Miki Jono might have killed her. A psychological thriller of a grieving mother turned cold-blooded avenger with a twisty master plan to pay back those who were responsible for her daughter's death. Cinematography (1.78 aspect ratio, color) and lighting are excellent. Media. Several seemingly unrelated but surprisingly intertwined tales reveal how a Japanese band that independently invented punk rock in 1975 is, 37 years later, connected to a comet that is about to destroy the world. When semi-pro journalist and social media addict Yuji … Search for "Shirayuki hime satsujin jiken" on, Title: FilmIsNow Movie Trailers International. Starting from my own blog in Greek, I then moved on to write for some of the major publications in Greece, and in a number of websites dealing with (Asian) cinema, such as Taste of Cinema, Hancinema, EasternKicks, Chinese Policy Institute, and of course, Asian Movie Pulse. Director Yoshihiro Nakamura utilizes a murder mystery plot device as a vehicle to explore troubling … Bullying, both in school and in professional life. There is an abundance of red herring and misinformation as well as subtitle cues as to the identity of the murder. The Snow White Murder Case uses an original style, a style interweaving reality and the virtual, to approach its subject. Filme de urmărit la TV . Se Film The Snow White Murder Case en hel film gold streaming movie 123 Runtime 126 Minutes The acting of the cast is adequate, in a film however, that chiefly focuses on the script and the social remarks, rather than the characters. Panos Kotzathanasis panos.kotzathanasis pkotzathanasis PKotzathanasis. 4 Min Read . Umaro. Following a good-bye party at work the junior employee is seen running towards the train station before she drops out of sight. By signing up you agree to the Cinebuzz terms and conditions. 32-year-old Ichiko (Sakura Ando) lives at home with her parents, passing the days in self-indulgent grunginess. started watching this earlier in the year. The closing scenes are clearly contrived (one gets the feeling that multiple endings may have been shot and someone other than the Director picked this one). Panos Kotzathanasis. Emi Mitsushima Mitsuki Tanimura. ஜ۩۞۩ஜ The Snow White Murder Case 2014 full Film Online Streaming på dansk gratis. Play Trailer ... Full Cast & Crew. Set decoration seems a bit inconsistent. SHIRAYUKIHIME SATSUJIN JIKEN (THE SNOW WHITE MURDER CASE). Card Number (optional) Promo Code (optional) Join. Tag : 2014, The Snow White Murder Case. We’re presented with different accounts, provided by people that knew the victim – and even those that had no knowledge of her whatsoever. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Television begins to cover her story. Nevertheless, Mao Inoue excels as Miki Jono, presenting accurately a variety of feelings and behaviors. Private Hire & Events. Reviews 0; Discussions 0; We don't have any reviews for The Snow White Murder Case. (2014– ). Billed as both a whodunnit and a commentary on today's media-obsessed world. Miki Shirono Go Ayano. Find where to watch The Snow White Murder Case in Australia. Director: Yoshihiro Nakamura Theater (CineMatsuri 2015) 2014 Rating = **** Full disclosure: Viewed in a theater during CineMatsuri 2015. Risako Kano Nanao. Film + 20:00. One day, Noriko is murdered. Was this review helpful to you? Miki Shirono played by Inoue. Facebook Twitter Reddit . Budget-Revenue-Keywords. Movies. Livraison gratuite (voir cond.). Film Review: The Foreign Duck, The Native Duck and God in a Coin Locker. แสดงความคิดเห็น / วิจารณ์ภาพยนตร์ / ความรู้สึกหลังดูหนัง. A young woman's murder provokes reflection on the ugliness and villainy of modern society. Food & Drink. It is an open-and-shut case as far as the news reports and online commentators are concerned. Vezi ce filme ai la cinema în Ianuarie. Most Popular; Videos 1; Backdrops 3; Posters 4; Original Title 白ゆき姫殺人事件. 110. The way internet can affect and, in times, shape public opinion, no matter how few the actual evident are. And the explosive impact that seemingly trivial matters can have by engendering mental illness and murder. A grisly unsolved murder links three seemingly unrelated stories in three different Japanese cities. The Snow White Murder Case Share. To summarize, the film makes quite a sharp comment regarding the contemporary reality in Japan; however, in conclusion, it sets the matter straight, up to a point at least, cherishing the concept of friendship and the genuinely Japanese ability to ask for forgiveness in the utmost humble way possible. The Snow White Murder Case (2014) IIB 03/29/2014 (JP) Drama, Mystery, Thriller 2h 6m User Score. Yuji Akahoshi Misako Renbutsu. Yuji, who perceives the case as a scoop that could lift his career, proceeds in investigating the case, by taking interviews, with their permission or without, by employees at the company, who paint a rather bleak portrait regarding the suspect. The interviews are presented in a broadcast of his channel, in a way that incriminates Jono and brings fame to Yuji, who subsequently proceeds to interview individuals in her hometown, including former classmates and her parents. Here are some well-known faces from Sundance over the years, as they brought their early movies to the festival. 白ゆき姫殺人事件 The Snow White Murder Case directed by Yoshihiro Nakamura and starring Mao Inoue, Gou Ayano, Nanao Beautiful Noriko Miki works at a cosmetic company. The victim staggers with the knife still in the wound for eight minutes before collapsing under the winged statues of two Kirin on the ... See full summary », When a senior employee, who is considered the most attractive among her colleagues, at a cosmetics manufacturer is murdered suspicion falls on her junior coworker whom many describe as plain and unremarkable. A man named Gates heads a mysterious group called "Shinbunshi" who don newspaper masks and post internet videos informing the public of their crimes of justice against people they deem ... See full summary », Nanami is an apathetic, part-time junior high school teacher, whose only solace comes from connecting with others on "Planet", a new social network service. ดูหนังออนไลน์ The Snow White Murder Case (2014) [พากย์ไทย] เต็มเรื่องพากย์ไทย ซับไทย ดูหนังฟรี 2020 หนัง HD เว็บไซต์ดูหนัง อันดับต้นของประเทศ Use the HTML below. Although initially the notoriety of the murders led to a short-term economic boost from tourists visiting Snowtown, it created a stigma, with authorities considering a change of the town's name and identity. Home. Date of Birth. A young woman who works at cosmetic company becomes the … Cinemas. The decline of television, which is void of values and cares exclusively for profit, in a tragicomic way. Post Code. TV Shows. Promotions. Follow. It is the working environment of female office clerks and low-level salary women. It's another battle of the wits for the brilliant but eccentric physicist, Yukawa, and detective, Kaoru. Original title: Shirayuki hime satsujin jiken.

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